Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Compiled Homework List:

Sunday 26 Apr
Please complete C&C question and email ms Lim by today

Thurs 24 Apr

Please do example 26, 27, 28, 29

Please submit your overdue homework.

FOE (Due 2359 today)
Please complete Quizzes 1a and 1b
Please complete Tutorial 1-4

Please complete SEQ on successes of League Of Nations by tomorrow
Don't take Ms Lim's kindness for granted.  (; ̄Д ̄)

Wed 23 Apr♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ 

Please complete the worksheet given with the front page with an advertisement of an arabic place

Today's coaches, please get the coaching sheet done by today. (Ryan, Natalie, ZhongZhi, Matthea)
Next next week's coaches please get ready the coaching sheet. (Bryan, Yasha, JunKai, Christopher)
Get it from: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7Z-eybT9aNANTFpNDBxTU9LTWc/edit?pli=1

Activity 1 & 2 of worksheet
Activity 3 (Optional)

Revision worksheet (Revision, No submission necessary)
Examples 20(b), 21, 22
Page 16 & 18

All already due homework is due tomorrow (Including the surds A05B and C) (;¬_¬)

Tue 22 Apr
Reminder: Chemistry Acids and Bases WB WS Due tmr
Math (All due on Wednesday, tomorrow)
Example 2, 3 of Coordinate Geometry worksheet
Page 6-13 (Recap of Sec 2 work)
Read up on E math Ten Year Series Page 137 (Properties of special Quadrilaterals summary)
Log Assignment given on Monday
Gauss Assignment 2

What to bring for maths exam
1. Calculator
->Approved? batteries?
2. Long/short ruler
3. 2B Pencils
4. Eraser
5. Curve/french Ruler
6. Geometric Set

O'yeah, attempt the worksheet given today
File in the worksheets given properly and leave them in the cupboard

SBCS 3.2A practice
Common Test practice paper (for practice)

Check the S&W blog, http://sst2014-s306sw.blogspot.sg
If you still don't know ._.
Check the videos and announcements.
Assessment starts tomorrow, Gambatte Ne! (*^ワ^*)

Wed 16 Apr
Remember: Medical Declaration Form!
SS: SBCS 3.2 A (a) & (b) [Next Tuesday]
Chemistry:  [All due Thursday]
Things to write on the yellow piece of paper,
- What are the 3 key concepts of salt preparation
- What are the 2 concepts needed to be revisited for salt preparation
- One question to clarify for salt preparation
Quiz on 5 polyatomic ions
Chemistry Workbook assignment, Chemical Bonding
Maths: Examples 23 (Graph paper), 27, 28, 29 [Due Thursday]

Tue 15 Apr
Maths: Complete the graphs if you have not done so.
Gauss Question 1 by tomorrow
Hand up A05b/c worksheet by tomorrow if you have not done so.
Hand up A05a (all qns) by tomorrow if you have not done so.
SS SEQ (due nxt tues)

Mon 14 Apr
Maths: Complete A05b-c Selected Questions
SS: Finish your PT

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