Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Homework | Tue 11 Mar


Finish AO3a : Tier A, B and C - By Tomorrow        
Polynomial Notes: Example 22, 24, 25 and 27.
Reminder: Do your filling too.
Remember to complete Math inequalities AA - By Friday

Social Studies:

If you are free, watch the video posted on the SS G+ about Venice and the Ottomans.
Finish up LP page 20-22 (Political Challenges + Foreign Threats faced by Venice) - By Tomorrow
Important Reminder: There is a SS file check TOMORROW
(Your SS file should contain:
1) Contents Page (printed out)
2) Lesson Packages (Activity 1 to 16, duly completed)
3) Notes/ Extended Readings (that were given to you)
4) Your own Notes/ Mindmaps/ Tables/ etc

Please submit your SS file to our Combined Humanities rep (Daniel Gabe), who will in turn consolidate them for submission to the teacher on 12 Mar)                    


Coaches for the next lesson are reminded to finish your coaching sheet. (Can be found in google site for download)

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