Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tentative Schedule for Chinese New Year Celebration

7:20-7:50        : Morning Assembly
8:00-8:45        : Classroom Decoration/Spring Cleaning and Lunar New
                             Year Card making / E-card creating.
8:50-9:00        : All staff & students to be seated at MPH

10:00                : End of Concert

Please note that it is tentative, thus it means that it might be subjected to change/s.

CNY Class Deco

Hi all, please remember to bring all the Ang Pows you have at home tomorrow for the classroom deco competition (CNY) thanks!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework 29/1/14

Chemistry Workbook
Maths: Completing the square (Tmr hand in) 
A02c (I'm not sure which tiers but if should be Tier A and B) (Hand in Next Wed) 
English: PT podcast script (7th Feb)
History: Schiffien Plan
Mother Tongue: (Add in comments)
Pay Priya $2.35 for CE Journal

Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework 27/1/14

SS Presentation Paragraph on G+ (Do 1 of choice)

Chem WB Pg 10-16

Maths HW - Will double check later

History File (Red Ring File)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Homework 23/1/14


  • Math PT (Deadline: Feb 7)
  • A02b Tier A and B (Deadline: Next Monday)
  • Complete expository worksheet (Deadline: Probably next Monday)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Homework 22/1/14

Maths: Page 27-29 using graphical method
Social Studies Doge
Post to EL Blog if you havent done so

Monday, 20 January 2014

Homework (20/1/14)

Assignment AO2a Q1-5 (if you have not completed)
Revise Linear Inequalities pg 20-23 on LP (if I'm not wrong Ms Tan has already send a link to a video to watch in your email)

Watch Chemistry Videos (Links in your email)
Read pg 1-3 of your Chem notes
Organize both your SPA & Theory files (by Friday)

Finish Comprehension Practice (if you have not completed)

Sign the parent acknowledgement
Finish the Target Setting

CE reflective journal

Dear all

Please pass $2.35 for the  CE reflection journal to Priya.
Thank you.

Friday, 17 January 2014

17/1/14 Homework

• Work assigned by Ms Esha on the google site.

• மரபுதொடர்கள்- 2 sentences each

• Workbook sections 1 and 2
• Textbook page 9

• No homework 

• Completing the square worksheet (some have handed it in)
• Complete Example 6 and 7 on pages 14-15
• Read pages 16-17
• Revise Linear Inequalities (2013 stuff)
• Read up on quadratic inequalities (Textbook)

• Complete Assignment 02A (Page 40)
       • Question 1 - 5 (due Tuesday)

• Workbook
• Task 3 & Task 5 (for those who have not completed it yet)
• Practice Worksheet (for those who have not handed it in yet)


• None

• Complete worksheet we got today

Social Studies:
• Complete 'Interesting facts about Venice'
• Watch the video Ms Esther shared on Google+

• To sign 'Secondary 3 Assessment Plan' (Will be given out on Monday)

Compiled by Divya

Class Goals and Reps

1) Under 10-14 for L1R5
2) At least bronze for NAPFA
3) To be situationally aware
4) Must have team spirit (work well with everyone)
5) Must be selfless
6) To be bonded

Class Reps
Maths : Yasha
Physics : Zi Yue
Biology : Lois
History : Emmanuel
Social Studies : Daniel G.
English : Jun You
Chemistry : Xiao Tao
ML : -NIL-
CL : Ryan
TL : Priya

S&W Reps
Red : Thurga
Green : Zhong Zhi
Black : Li Ying
Blue : Matthea
Yellow : Lois

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Homework 16/1/14

Maths -> Do Page 10-13
English -> Complete assigned task on googlesite (more info in blog)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Homework 15/1/14

SS -> Watch video on G+

SS -> Do Page 5
Maths HW Pg 5 and 6
EL -> File and Poster

$160 for Calculator tomorrow/Friday (2pm-4pm)

CCA Verification Exercise

Dear all

I will be collecting your CCA records on Friday after you have verified.

Here are some information from Mr Jerome Tan:
1) Students to ignore the CCA points and verify the events only.
2) Students to sign and date on page 1.
3) Corrections, erratum must be clearly written.
4) Added events to include details like proper event names, teacher ic, year of event.

Best wishes
Ms Lim

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homework ( 14/1/14 )

1) Relations and Function Quiz (If like you have not done it yet)
2) Revise Quadratic Equation, or like whatever you wrote on your Math Notebook) 
3) Quadratic Function Worksheet, pg 1-6

1) Do the Bio Worksheet 1b (due on Friday)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Class Duty Roster


Please remember to sign and bring both the AUP and the SDM forms tomorrow.


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                                                                                      please just stop with this doge thing

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bursary Notice from General Office: CDAC-SFCCA Bursary

The Chinese Development Assistance Council -SFCCA Bursary 2014 for Sec 1-4 students is open for application till 10 January 2014. Application forms can be obtained from the General Office.

Eligibility Criteria
(a) Race/Citizenship: Chinese students (S'pore Citizen or PR)
(b) Income: Gross monthly household income of $1,500 and below OR monthly per capita income of $450 and below.
(c) Others: Not receiving The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and other scholarship or bursary (with the exception of the MOE Edusave Merit Scholarship or bursary)

- Successful applicant will receive a bursary quantum of $450 by end of April 2014.
- CDAC will grant 90% fee subsidy to enable bursary recipients to attend enrichment programmes/courses organized by 11 CDAC centres.
- CDAC will waive the tuition fee for the academically weak bursary recipients when they attend the CDAC Tuition Programme in 2014.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Class Conduct, Mission, Goal and Motto

- Respect one another
- Responsible people
- Pay attention
- Punctual
- Cooperate
- Good Relationship
- Raise hand before speaking
- No badmouthing
- Talk when necessary
- Think before act

To do what we must because we can
          such reference
    much portal

Class Motto
Do or do not, there is no try

Class EXCO Members and Seating Arrangement (Term 1)

Class Chairperson: Bryan Ng Jia Hao

Class Vice-Chairperson: Jericho Manguan

Class Secretaries: Sim Jun You, Liaw Xiao Tao

Class Treasurer: Priya

Friday, 3 January 2014

Biology Diagnostic Test

Dear 306

For all Biology students, please note that Biology diagnostic test will be conducted during the 3rd Biology lesson next week (6-10 Jan).

Important Reminder: OBS Health Screening on Next Monday after CE period

Dear 306

As briefed by Mr Jerome Tan, there will be OBS Health Screening on next Monday, 6 January 2013.

If you have CCA on that day, please remember to leave at 2:40 pm for your check-up.
The rest will leave after CE period and proceed to LO1 directly to see Mr Jerome Tan.
Those of you who do not intend to have the check-up done in school, will still need to report to Mr Jerome Tan.

Just a gentle reminder based on what you have been briefed:

Please bring $16 for the health check-up
If you having the jab, please bring $20 for the jab.

Please bring along: 
1) Health Booklet.
2) OBS Registration Form duly signed by Parent/Guardian and cost required.
3) Parent reply slip to the Principal's letter (if you have not already done so.)

Temperature Taking on 7 Jan

Dear all

Please take note that there will be a temperature taking exercise on Tuesday morning.
Please bring your working thermometer.

S306 Time Table

Dear 306

Please take note that the soft copy of our class time table can be found on here.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Important Events for 2014

S3 Parents Briefing
T1W4 (24 Jan 2014)
NRIC Registration
T1W6 (3 February 2014) T.B.C
T1W6 (10 - 14 February 2014)
Level Test
T1W9 to T1W10
Common Test
T2W7 to T2W8
Student Congress
T2W9 (16 May 2014)
End of Year Exam
T3W3 to T3W4

Week 0 (Getting to know you)